Increase LoRaWAN Network Power Stability

A LoRaWAN network usually is deployed across wide area – in metro cities, in large plants, in forests, in rural areas and so on. To cover these large grounds, LoRaWAN Gateways are spread across large areas.

In such deployments, ensuring reliable connectivity becomes a challenge. In India and across developing countries, power plays a major role in stability of the network.   Due to frequent power fluctuations and power outages the LoRaWAN Gateways go down, loosing connectivity to the end nodes. This leads to

  1. Loss of data
  2. In-accurate billing / data analysis
  3. Increased cost of support
  4. Breach of SLAs

Typically, to overcome these issues, a UPS is installed. However, the available options in market starts with 600V. That provides approximately 30-40 min of power backup and weights around 5.5 Kg.

EasyReach, with its UPS based PoE adapter comes with a much easy alternative that can be connected to LoRaWAN Gateway. Some of the important features of this deployment is

  1. 2 Hours of power backup compared to 30 mins of power backup from alternative
  2. 350 gm product weight compared to 5.5 Kg of alternate UPS
  3. Much compact size that fits on to your palm top and can be deployed easily
  4. 30 seconds deployment time
  5. CE & RoHS compliance ensuring product quality


Check out YouTube video to understand more

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