Why do people use 24V in Industrial IoT?

Why do people use 24V in Industrial IoT?

The IoT companies who deal in Hardware design and manufacturing tend to develop their devices with 2V DC power requirements. Many PLC, HMI, Flow Meters, Valves, Relays, Energy monitors, Switches, Lights etc. work on 24V DC. There are multiple reasons why hardware designers tend to choose 24V DC over AC or other DC voltages.

Some of them are

  1. The DC supply generates lesser Arc compared to AC supply – this ensures safety as the spark can cause accidents
  2. People safety is an important aspect – the low voltage DC does not hurt humans operating equipment
  3. As we understand, DC supply carries less amount of current – however, 24V DC supply can carry enough current to operate industrial devices.
  4. Standardization – 24V DC devices help achieve standardization of the device across countries
  5. As the 24V DC Devices tend to be smaller in size, it reduces over all implementations cost e.g. cost of panel, cost of cabin, etc.
  6. Heat is the enemy of electronic devices, 24DC devices run cooler compared to higher voltage devices


I hope you find these useful.

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