Searching for a battery pack / UPS for your IoT Devices?

Searching for a battery pack / UPS for your IoT Devices?

  1. Are you looking to provide battery backup or a UPS for your IoT Device?
  2. Does your device operate on 12V / 24V Input supply?

If these are the two questions that you have in mind, then you we have a right solution for you.

There are many devices on field such as RTU, Flow Meters, CCTV Cameras, Process Controllers, Diagnostic Devices, HMI, Valves, Pressure gauges, vibration monitors, etc. that need power supply. Laying the power cable may become expensive and, in some cases, not feasible. To address these situations, technical team tends to make a custom battery arrangement. However, there are many different challenges that are faced

  1. The solution becomes very expensive as each component is purchased in lesser quantity e.g. Battery, SMPS etc.
  2. To get the best efficiency from Battery the BMS circuit becomes important. However, getting BMS in place is a difficult task
  3. Enclosing the setup in a compact manner becomes a challenge.
  4. Reliability Testing of power supply is crucial

EasyReach UPS for IoT devices provides an easy option. The small size UPS can be attached to your IoT equipment using its 5 PIN Connectors. The CE & RoHS certification provides product reliability. Compact UPS brings the elegance to the product. Finally, this all is achieved in much cost-effective manner.

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12V UPS for IoT products – CCTV, RTU, Flow Meter, HMI, Wireless Routers etc.


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