How we solved Telecom Power outage problem

Hello…in this blog, I want to tell you the story of how we identified a problem in the Telecom Domain and how we provided the solution for the same.

We at EasyReach, have been working in the Telecom domain for some time with field engineers, mid-management, who face operational issues.

Our rendezvous with problem statement…

Once, my team visited a Bank branch where Communication deployment was taking place. There was a WiMAX antenna deployed at one branch and another deployed at the other location. There was a P2P communication established to share data and traffic. The field engineer was worried that he could not put these WiMAX antennas on Power Backup (Radwin Antenna requires 48V PoE adapter) as he was pretty sure that the power fluctuations in their area are going to bring the network down very often. This would result in SLA and unhappy customers. His manager defended the case stating the UPS will cost an additional investment of 2500+, which is not budgeted for, and also it will be very difficult to place UPS in a cramped space of server room.

Understanding the gravity of the problem…

At EasyReach, we are leveraging our experience and knowledge of the telecom domain to provide various solutions.

WiMAX and LTE have already made a strong position in the telecommunication industry. In India, many banking systems are connected through WiMAX networks. We started to interpret WiMAX antennas deployment challenges at different locations and established that a lot of sites faced similar problems related to power outages. In addition, many remotely connected devices at these sites usually lacked power surge protection.

WiMAX antennas can connect a large number of diversely located banks and ATM locations due to the broad coverage and extensive connectivity. Therefore, these rapid and short-time power outages can affect the system, and losing data during a power outage is a potential problem.

As per a report, the average number per year of power outages to cause IT system failure is 15. Approximately 90% of the outages are less than 5 minutes, and 99% of the outages are less than 1 hour in duration. The overall combined outage duration per year is nearly 100 minutes.

Our wow moment…

After collecting various data points and studies, we started an ideation phase. Based on the theoretical availability and the power protection strategy to achieve high availability of service, we recognized that PoE can be backed up by a UPS.

The current PoE injectors accessible in the market do not present an inbuilt power backup. We started experimenting with PoE injectors. After several iterations and prototypes, we designed and produced a UPS-based PoE Injector.

As observed, it is not feasible to provide UPS backup at each location. Therefore, we delivered PoE with battery backup to protect remotely connected devices.

Features Advantages Benefits
1 UPS for PoE Equipment 2 to 3 hours of battery backup Stable network connectivity
power surge protection
Meeting SLA
Extending equipment life
2 Inbuild Battery No need of External UPS Reduction in cost of support
Deployment in 10 seconds


UPS PoE adapter comes in various voltage range

  1. UPS PoE 48V
  2. UPS PoE 30V
  3. UPS PoE 24V and so on


Find out more information and specifications here.