Top 5 reasons for Tablet Digital Signage in retail

Over past few months, digital signage India market has been showing new trends. Retailers are showing keen interest in placing Tablets based digital signage in stores. Some of the reasons that why tablet digital signage in retail are getting traction were

The IPS Screen
The IPS screen of the Tablet make it really good and flashy. It creates that WOW effect in the store and gives a fresh look to the surrounding. A shining screen of a tablet digital signage with relevant advertisement in retail shop is appreciated by customers and retailers.

Consumers touch the screen and tablet based signage starts interacting with customers immediately e.g. gives best offer for touched item or providing more information. Retailer get chance to promote their products and entice consumer for purchase.
Fits anywhere – Small in size
Compare to other large single signage, a small 10.1″ screen does not eat into the shelve space but certainly goes on to promote the product on the shelves. Multiple such screens distributed across the store at appropriate sections make more impact than a single signage.
Cost effective
The cost of the tablet compared to other digital signage hardware is much lower, even if you decide to buy over a retail counter. If you happen to have a chain of retails or you plan to place multiple tabs in a single outlet, it becomes easy to get discount on bulk purchase.
Tablets are wireless and do not require LAN connectivity to connect to internet. They can connect to existing WiFi in the retail showroom and download advertisements from hosted digital signage control panel.


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