UPS for CCTV Camera and DVR/NVR

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UPS for CCTV Camera and DVR/NVR

The core objective of the CCTV surveillance is to secure the premise. Although, it does not prevent the theft or miss happening, it certainly creates a solid deterrent. Also, it captures the event which can be used for investigation later on.

As the technology becomes advance, the con-man industry also evolves. The easiest way for a thief to escape from CCTV Camera is to disconnect it from power supply.

The simplest way to overcome this is provision a UPS to your CCTV Cameras.

There are multiple UPS available in market – starting from 600VA to 1Kva. And they are used based on number of CCTV Cameras, DVR/NVRs used. Players like Verve, Zebronics, Luminous are major players operating in this segment.

The major draw back with these UPS are

  1. Heavy units – each unit weights around 5.5 Kg
  2. Consumes good amount of space
  3. Can give power backup of 30-40 mins

To overcome these drawbacks, EasyReach has come up with a small size UPS, specifically developed for CCTV Camera installations.


The device is

  1. Powers 4 CCTV + 1 DVR for 2 Hour
  2. 12V 2A Output
  3. 2KV Surge Protection
  4. Portable and Light Weight – 330 gram product weight
  5. 4 times smaller in size than other UPS
  6. Supports 90 meters wire
  7. CE & RoHS Certified


As the device is small in size, it can be hidden anywhere. Having said that the device may not be suitable for more than 4 cameras, as the required wattage increases significantly. In such cases it is better to adapt to the present alternatives.

You can find product information on

12V UPS for IoT products – CCTV, RTU, Flow Meter, HMI, Wireless Routers etc.

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