Upto 70% reduction of Energy bills for a large auto manufacturer

Customer is a large manufacturer of automobile and two wheelers in India. Customer operators multiple large plants across India with 500+ industry fans ensuring air circulation within the plant.

Business Challenge

Auto manufacturer has installed large Air-washers across its plant in multiple cities in India. A typical air washer has 11 to 12 fans.
  1. Fans run at high speed through out the day to ensure enough air supply inside factory premise
  2. As fans run entire day at full speed, they would consume energy contributing towards increased energy bills
  3. Fan speed was not visible on Central SCADA control, thus major issue of power consumption was not visible to people.
  4. No ability to mange fan speed was available from Central control. It was required to visit every location to manually reduce fan speed.
  5. Damper could not be controlled remotely.

EasyReach Solution

EasyReach team visits the factory to understand the core issue. During analysis it was understood that as a day progress temperature changes from low during morning, high during afternoon and low during evening and ultra low during night. The air requirement (CFM) during each of the duration were different. The solution came in the form of  EasyReach Fan controller combined with EC Motor Fan.
  1. EasyFan controller started monitoring ambient temperature
  2. Based on temperature it started controlling all 12 fans speed over MODBUS RS485 at one go i.e. now fans would run at low speed during morning and at high speed during afternoon. Thus maintaining good working air supply at the same time reducing energy consumption
  3. Now Administrator could started observing important statistics to management about Air Washer and individual Fans like Current, Cumulative Current, Voltage, Power Consumption, Cumulative Power Consumption, RPM, Fan Alerts etc. on their SCADA screens
  4. With Auto mode and manual mode, Administrator could also start and stop system along with manual change in speed
  5. Emergency mode available in EasyFan controller gave required health and safety aspect to deployment. During emergency all fans would shut down.
  6. Now Administrator could open / close damper sitting at office and EasyFan would control Fan speed based on number of open dampers
  7. EasyReach installed system on 20+ Air washers

Business Benefits

  1. With certain air washers energy requirements were reduced upto 70% and with other it was upto 40%, bringing down energy bills significantly
  2. Working atmosphere was maintained contributing towards plant productivity
  3. SCADA integration provide ability to monitor Air Washers spread across large plant
  4. Emergency mode brought required health and safety aspect to the deployment