LoRa® enabled IoT Node

ER990B LoRa® enabled IoT Node  provides Current Sensor, GPS sensor and Temperature Sensor inside a single box. These three sensors allow industries to verify if the machine is switched ON, its location and the overall temperature of machine. The information is visible on the cloud portal for further analysis.

LoRa IoT Node

Battery / Power Support

  • 4000mAh battery capacity
  • Auto rechargeable battery
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Dedicated screw mounting connector for DC input connection
  • Input AC, 90-265 V, 2A Power source adaptor – easy to change DC to DC convertor
  • Support for 440V, 2A Power source adaptor specially supported to connect renewable energy source like solar panel
  • RTC Battery : coin cell 3V (Easily replaceable)
  • Battery and Power indication

In built sensor probes

Current Sensor

  • 0-30A range of sensor
  • Easy mounting with clamp support – does not require cut wire

Temperature sensor

  • 1. -50 to +150 degree celsius range of sensor

4-20 mA Sensor

  • Senses 4 – 20 mA current on GPIO

0-10V sensor

  • Senses 0 – 10 V on GPIO

GPS sensor

  • Ability to gather GPS co-ordinates of machine
  • GPS Indicator on board

LoRa Communication

  • Supports for LoRa master slave and LoRaWAN™ – ISM 865 MHz
  • Tested data communication over 8Km line of site
    * Reading may differ based on impediments and density of impediments

Applications in Industrial Equipment

Welding Machines


Concrete Pump


Transit Mixer

Diesel Tanker


Boom Placer


Air Compressor

Back Hoe Loader


Bar Bending Machine


Fork Lift