LoRa® Enabled Vehicle / Truck Tracker

Many factories experience Trucks lined up at their factory entrance gate. They wait till they deliver goods at appropriate warehouse. Tracking their movement inside factory premise becomes important to reduce the traffic and optimize time to deliver.
A GPS based tracking system that leverages LoRa® becomes a perfect cost effective solution to manage trucks.
As soon as truck enters the queue, a device with long lasting battery is stuck on truck. The device keeps sending GPS location at regular interval and eventually on the exit gate the device is collected.
The system provides LIVE information about the length of the queue, average waiting period, areas where congestion takes place, average time to reach to a particular warehouse etc.

  • The device works on LoRaWAN®, LoRaP2P
  • Battery lasts for 24 hours with 10 mins of data sending interval
  • Recharging port is made available
  • Device can be directly connected to the vehicle battery in case of owned vehicles e.g. fork lift