Easy Order Tracker

Bridging the communication gap between the online and offline world.

Easy Order Tracker

The internet world has transformed the way sales have traditionally happened in India. However, considering the high cost of storage and transportation, the online world is increasingly choosing to do the delivery from the local offline stores (the hyperlocal model)

The problem being faced by the online retailers is there is no cheap and easy to use communication mechanism between the offline store and the online portal. Easy Order Tracker is a USB powered, easy to use device that can be configured to provide a workflow for tracking the order status from order receipt to delivery.

The Order Tracker not only monitors the status of the order but also raises audible alerts and alarms at the local retailer thus ensuring that there is adequate attention placed to the online orders at the retailer.

In case you are interested in knowing more about Easy Order Tracker or our other retail solutions around IoT, please get in touch with the sales team at sales@easyreach.co.in