Easy Sensors

Monitors the contextual information of the retail assets like temperature, lighting using IoT.

easy sensor

A standard retail store today has various assets placed by the brands to promote visibility or safeguard their goods. For example, billboard signage, visicubes are placed by brands for their promotional activity while  refrigerators, cupboards are provided by brands to serve core needs of the retailer while also safeguarding their assets.

These assets need to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure that these goods are not being misused. Besides location monitoring, it could imply conditions like has the asset been switched on, is it drawing extra power, is it working in the optimal manner etc. These sensors could even help in proactive maintenance and monitoring. The Easy Sensors are easily configurable sensors that are small, non-intrusive and  battery powered and  pass data back to the central console using the EasyReach IoT framework.

In case you are interested in knowing more about Easy Sensors or our other retail solutions around IoT, please get in touch with the sales team at sales@easyreach.co.in