EasyReach WayFinder


Traditional wayfinding solutions consisting of arrows (lighted or otherwise) that allow users to create a path in their mind but also leads to a element of doubt especially when navigating a large area.

EasyReach digital wayfinding solutions allows for the following:

  • Data to be stored in a centralised database
  • Remote updates to be made possible
  • Multiple search options. For example, if searching for food outlets you should have the option to search for Pizza Hut , Pizza, Food joints, etc
  • Multiple languages
  • Filtering options
  • Show communication messages when not used

EasyReach wayfinder solution is a customisable framework on which we develop a wayfinding solution to fulfil clients requirements. We provide an end to end solution including kiosk creation, installation , development and software maintenance.

In case you are interested in knowing more about EasyReach Wayfinder or our other retail solutions around IOT, please get in touch with the sales team at sales@easyreach.co.in