IoT Enable Refrigerator

FMCG companies wish to maintain temperature of Chocolate, Ice Creams, Meat, Veggies etc. once delivered to the Retail outlet. The companies wish to make sure that their products reach consumer at right temperature and provide them with the excellent experience. However, temperature inside refrigerator is affected due to various reasons such as electricity outage, frequent opening and closing of door, partially opened door, switching off of refrigerator at night and many other things.

Gather temperature inside refrigerator along with temperature variations over period.

Detect how many times refrigerator door opened and closed.

Get to know, what time of the day the Refrigerator was switched ON/OFF. Reduce possible misuses of the equipment.

Understand how Refrigerators are distributed across cities, zip codes, types of stores etc. Make sure machines are placed in the stores all the time.

Send data securely to the Azure, Amazon or BuildEasy platform using HTTPS, MQTTS.

Date October 20, 2018 Categories IoT