IoT Enable Transit Mixer

Connect NextGen GPRS IoT Gateway to your Transit Mixer and start receiving information about its utilization on cloud.

Understand the utilization of your transit mixer. How many hours of the day it actually worked. It the utilization optimum as per organisation needs. Take purchase decision based on understanding of utilization. Estimate amount of mixture generated per day.

Derive Fuel Consumption of the Transit Mixer based on the utilization and overall travel or connect the device to fuel level sensor installed on your Transit Mixer.

Get to know which territory / plants / sites hold how many of your Transit Mixer. Understand their exact location on map. Track them realtime.

Get to know, what time of the day the Transit Mixer as switched ON/OFF. Reduce possible misuses of the equipment.

Send data securely to the Azure, Amazon or BuildEasy platform using HTTPS, MQTTS.

Date September 3, 2018 Categories IoT