IoT Enable Welding Machine

Connect NextGen WiFi / LoRa IoT Gateway and start receiving information about your Welding Machine, attach Current sensor, Temperature sensor, GPS sensor and start getting your data on Cloud.

Gather arc time of welding machine based on the current consumption. Attach current sensor externally to the welding machine. Start monitoring the current.

Keep tap of increasing temperature of your welding machine. Understand the anomaly condition on increase temperature. Take proactive decision to initiate maintenance of the machine.

Understand how machines are allocated to vendors and distributed across large area of a power plant, construction sites, mining site etc. Initiate theft alarms if the machines moves out of marked geographic zone.

Get to know, what time of the day the Welding Machine was switched ON/OFF. Reduce possible misuses of the equipment.

Send data securely to the Azure, Amazon or BuildEasy platform using HTTPS, MQTTS.

Date September 3, 2018 Categories IoT