Are you a Water Meter OEM?

Water meter industry is going through a transformation at a high speed.  Manual reading of Water Meters is quickly moving towards automated collection of data. Governments, municipal corporations, industries are taking water distribution decision based on the real time water usage collected via water meters.

Due to its Long Range communication and long lasting battery, LoRa based Water Meters are coming up as reliable way to gathering data.

Enabling LoRa technology in Water Meter is becoming unnegotiated factor for Water Meter OEMs.

Get EasyReach Advantage

EasyReach with its LoRa technology has been helping Water Meter OEM towards walking the path. We arm Water Meter OEMs with required technology to enable their water meters with LoRa. Once integrated, the Water Meter gets ability to send Water reading over large distance.

The technology comes in primarily two parts

  1. Water Meter Node
  2. LoRaWAN Gateway

Water Meter node come with LoRa Antenna, LoRa chipset mounted with sensors and a battery pack. OEMs retrofit the technology inside their enclosures.

LoRaWAN Gateway comes with ability to collect data from multiple LoRa Water Meter and send data to cloud.

Optionally, EasyReach also provides with cloud and Mobility for Water Meter OEM.

For further information on how to go about enabling your Water Meter with LoRa Technology, contact