Digital Signage industry has always been looking for different ways to make advertisement most relevant to consumer. EasyMat products help advertiser achieve this with ease.


EasyMat is a sensor based mat that works with EasyTV to play a context specific advertisements. EasyMat is built on Pick and Learn technology. Usually, various products in Retail are kept on mat, in front of EasyTV. EasyMat identifies the product lift by consumer and informs EasyTV about the lift. EasyTV changes the advertisement to match the lifted product.

EasyMat helps consumer get appropriate information at time most appropriate.

Apart from changing content, EasyMat also provides vital analytics to retail. Brands use this product to understand the customer behaviour at retail. e.g. how many times the product was lifted, during which time period the interaction was high (during 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM), which section of retail outlet experience more interaction, etc.

EasyMat is simple to install. Its concise shape fits onto almost any shelve.