Searching for a battery pack / UPS for your IoT Devices?

A LoRaWAN network usually is deployed across wide area – in metro cities, in large plants, in forests, in rural areas and so on. To cover these large grounds, LoRaWAN Gateways are spread across large areas. In such deployments, ensuring reliable connectivity becomes a challenge. In India and across developing countries, power plays a major […]

Searching for a battery pack / UPS for your IoT Devices?

Are you looking to provide battery backup or a UPS for your IoT Device?Does your device operate on 12V / 24V Input supply? If these are the two questions that you have in mind, then you we have a right solution for you.There are many devices on field such as RTU, Flow Meters, CCTV Cameras, […]

Why do people use 24V in Industrial IoT?

The IoT companies who deal in Hardware design and manufacturing tend to develop their devices with 2V DC power requirements. Many PLC, HMI, Flow Meters, Valves, Relays, Energy monitors, Switches, Lights etc. work on 24V DC. There are multiple reasons why hardware designers tend to choose 24V DC over AC or other DC voltages. Some […]

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