Protect your Helium Miner – UPS PoE 48V

May 5, 2022 Post Comment Blogs Tags: , ,

How to protect your Helium Miner

Helium LoRaWAN miners have suddenly started becoming ubiquitous. At present, there are 7,83,307 miners across world. In India, they have been increasing steadily.

The HNT earned are proportionately depend on number of hours the miners are active. One of the major issues in India and the developing country is the uptime of the miner. The reason being the regular power outages. Due to the power outages the miners stop functioning, thus loosing critical time to mine.

The obvious way to fix the issue is to put up a UPS. However, the present UPS are heavy, energy guzzling and big in size.

EasyReach’s UPS based 48V PoE adapter provides a effective way to manage the situation. The UPS based PoE adapter is a combination of PoE adapter with in-built UPS. It is a CE & RoHS certified device that comes with 2.5 Kv surge protection. Few important aspects of the product are

  • 2 Hours of backup – never let your miner stop mining
  • Small in size that fits on your palm – can be placed anywhere
  • 30 second installation – no cryptic technology involved there
  • Light weight < 400 gm – can be carried in your bag pack
  • CE & RoHS certified – Quality ensured
  • Protection from Current Fluctuations, Over Discharge / Under Discharge protection, Short Circuit protection – save your miner from unwarranted issues
  • 2KV Surge protection – protect your miner

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