SmartPlug – CPE Monitoring – reducing Operational Cost

Business Challenge

Most of tickets (Outage triggers) handled by an internet service provider are due to issues that are outside the service providers control. By virtue of EasyReach many deployments, EasyReach has estimated that 75%-80% of the tickets are due to power outage issues.  These power outage issues could be due to inadvertent switching off the router or CPE equipment by the staff or by a bigger power outage in the area. Either way a ticket is generated at the service provider which leads to significant operating costs in handling these false tickets.

EasyReach Solution

EasyReach has developed a patent pending EasyPlug hardware. This hardware can be fitted on all kinds of plugs of the CPE equipment in a non-intrusive manner thus enabling easy monitoring of the CPE equipment. The design enables even non-technical staff to install the EasyPlug in under 5 minutes thus ensuring minimum downtime at the service provider.

The hardware can monitor the following parameters

  • Power status ( Is current coming into the CPE or not )
  • Location
  • Vibration

The communication protocol can be any of the following – Wi-Fi, 2G, 4G etc. The data is sent to the EasyReach control system on the cloud and can be integrated with any NOC.

By virtue of these parameters, major concerns of the operator such as theft and tickets due to power outages are virtually eliminated. This allows the telecom operator to focus on tickets that are due to factors within its control – like fibre cuts, device issues etc.

Business Benefits

Our clients have reported the following benefits post deployment of the platform

  • Improvement of service level
  • Reduction of operating cost at NOC level
  • Freeing up of operating team to focus on critical issues

EasyReach has calculated that the ROI of the investment on EasyPlug / Smart Plug is under 4 months.