CBM & TBM of Industrial Equipment

Design principles of Industry 4.0 calls the need for information transparency by creating a virtual copy of the physical world and aggregating raw sensor data to higher-value context information. Equipment Monitor by EasyReach is built on the same principle. In any industrial plant, one can find many equipment that do not talk to the world e.g. welding machine, Bending machine, chipper, digger, mixer, fork lift, assembly machines etc. Equipment Monitors enables IoT with these machines and bring them to the virtual world. Suddenly these machines start communicating and can be controlled remotely. With its multi sensor ability, a variety of data can be fetched from a manufacturing machine e.g. temperature, current, GPS, RPM, vibration, pulses, and so on. Further, each component of the machine is monitored for its Condition (CBM) and Time (TBM) by attaching different sensors to it.

The data is captured and transmitted securely to cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS. BI, Analytics, Reporting are suited to the business logic. The edge computing on Equipment monitor provides ability to understand anomalies and allows machine to be controlled remotely.

How Industry 4.0 wants to monitor equipment?

Industries are focused on improving their OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) along with monitoring Availability, Performance and Quality of the production. Equipment monitor provides them ability to

  1. CBM and TBM of machine and its components
  2. Utilization of the machine, total working hours, total idle hours, thus understanding the OEE of an equipment
  3. Present location of equipment, especially moving equipment. What is the nearest available location? How frequently it is used? Can it be made available for other users?
  4. Changes in current patterns, vibration, temperature indicate quality of job done.
  5. Provides ability to identify anomalies and plan for predictive maintenance Etc.

NextGen LoRa/WiFi IoT Gateway enables dumb machines talk to the world by creating a virtual twin.

NextGen LoRa / WiFi IoT Gateway

EasyReach provides Industry grade , NextGen LoRa / WiFi IoT Gateway, that comes with LoRa and WiFi and has ability to connect to multiple sensors e.g. current, temperature, GPS, vibration, etc. It retrofits to the existing machine and connects to equipment parts such as ignition, fuel tanks, input current wire, heat sink, body etc. to gather vital information about the machine. The data is sent to Azure or AWS cloud over secure channel. Important features include

  1. Industry grade and easy to install hardware
  2. Does not require tampering of the machine, thus maintaining the original warranty of the equipment
  3. Operates on 220 or 440 Volt input current source
  4. Can connect to variety of sensor source e.g. 4-20 mAmp, 0-10 Volts, GPIO, UART (Rx/Tx), ADC, etc.
  5. Sends data to next generation platforms like Azure, AWS etc. over MQTT or HTTPS
  6. Sends data over secure TLS 1.3 channel
  7. Comes with 1 year warranty
Industrial Equipment Tracker

Industrial Equipment Monitoring Platform

Application platform for LoRa / WiFi based Industrial Equipment Monitoring provides vital analytics of equipment utilization to various business users based on the role they play.  It provides

  1. Clear indication of CBM and TBM of machine and components. Alerts, based on CBM & TBM.
  2. Easy to understand user interface to monitor digital replica of the machine
  3. Important statistics about the OEE parameters – utilization, start / stop time, fuel consumption, current, temperature, GPS location
  4. Advance analytics – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Trend of utilization, top performing machines and bottom performing machines, alarms generated in given period
  5. Allows users to set alarms on threshold values using SMS or Email
  6. Live status of the equipment – connected, on load, idle etc.
  7. Region wise, plant wise, project wise allocation of equipment
  8. Data download in XLS format
  9. Data consumption using API