GPRS Industrial Vehicle Monitoring – ERT-110A

industrial vehicle tracker

A typical industry requires variety of moving vehicles – within premise or outside premise. These vehicles could be of different types such as Trucks, Mixer, Dumpers, Cranes, Fork Lifts, Trailers, Tankers and so on.

Usually these machines do not have sophisticated OBD port to gather vehicle related information.  Also, these vehicle travel difficult terrain and are exposed to harsh weather conditions.

How Industry wants to monitor Vehicles?

Industries want to monitor these vehicles and gather information such as

  1. Utilization of the vehicle e.g. how many hours of the day did engine of a fork lift was active?
  2. Working hours of the machine e.g. when was the vehicle started and stopped?
  3. What’s the current location of the vehicle? e.g. how many machines are in Maharashtra, Chennai and Delhi and what’s their exact location?
  4. Compliance to the prescribed route. Did vehicle follow the prescribed route inside warehouse or while traveling outdoor?
  5. How much time did the vehicle stopped in between and for what time duration?
  6. Fuel level of the tank, and thus over all fuel utilization
  7. When the tiers should be swapped or changed?


“EasyReach provides Industrial Tracker, that comes with GPRS, GPS and connects to vehicle ignition, fuel tanks, dashboard, etc. to gather OEE parameters and sends to Azure and AWS cloud.”


ERT-110A is specially designed and developed for Industrial requirements, considering the ruggedness, battery life, and easy of installation at the center. The features include

  1. Industry grade hardware comes in IP65 enclosure
  2. Easy to install with instruction manual
  3. Sends data to next generation platforms like Azure, AWS etc. over MQTT or HTTPS
  4. Sends data over secure TLS 1.3 channel, ensuring enterprise communication security
  5. Can be configured using SMS
  6. Long lasting battery that goes on for 6+ days with default configuration
  7. For Indian customers comes with data plan from Idea cellular
  8. Comes with 1 year warranty

Industrial Vehicle Tracking Platform

Application platform for GPRS based Industrial Vehicle Tracker provides vital analytics of vehicle utilization to various business users be it a plant manager, logistic head, planning department etc.  It provides

  1. Easy to understand user interface along with a Map view
  2. Important statistics about the OEE parameters
  3. Live tracking of vehicle
  4. Region wise, vehicle type wise, analysis along with top performing and bottom performing vehicles
  5. Fuel level and consumption analysis
  6. Route compliance with standard route