Operations and Deployment Support for IoT

EasyReach has been in the IoT business for the 5+ years. We have successfully executed multiple IoT projects pan India – mainly focused on machine monitoring and people monitoring.

We noticed well in advance that the success of an IoT project was substantially dependent on the quality of deployment and more ever on the quality of operations. To ensure the right quality of data it is important that we ensure and monitor the data for the following

  • Accuracy of data: Is the data accurate and not been affected by environmental factors, sensor quality etc.
  • Completeness of data: Has all the data been received
  • Timeliness of data : Is the data being sent in a timely manner ( in context of alerts , say geofencing for example)

EasyReach has trained a number of engineers in the area of deployment and operations. The engineers have hands on expertise of the IoT hardware (Sensors), network connectivity (GSM, Wi-Fi) as well as setting up the infrastructure (Wi-Fi network, servers etc.).

IoT deployment high risk environments – Oil & Gas Sector

EasyReach team is BOSIET & HUET certified (for operating in the extremely high risk environments of Oil & Natural Gas) as well as the team is certified in implementing Complex Network in the complex structures such as Power Plants, Oil Rigs, Barge’s, Ships, etc

The team has successfully implemented IoT projects in challenging conditions such as power plants in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh & Central Maharashtra Regions and Oil Rigs in Bombay High, Neelam Fields & Bassien Fields.

Ticket/Incident Management and Operations

EasyReach has deployed an internally developed incident management system to support the operations team. This incidence management platform notifies the relevant person of the operations team of any high priority alerts and escalations on the field. Any issues from the application in terms of infrastructure/bandwidth is also monitored and the relevant engineering contact is also informed. This ensures quick TAT and that any alerts are being actioned without any delay.