LoRa® enabled ER550 Dev Board

ER550 board allows developer community to developer LoRa based applications quickly and cost effectively.
Usually, LoRa Technology is chosen when the business requires
1. Low power consumption / Long battery life
2. Communication over long distance
3. Low data sending requirements

LoRa Development Board

ER550 board provides connectivity with ADC and GPIO along with LoRa communication, low power MCU, accelerometer and battery connection on a single board. The small size of the board allows much needed real asset efficiency.

Using ER550 board, developers can develop various products
1. Use ER550A as a beacon. It wakes up at a regular interval to send information about its availability on LoRa. E.g. in plats separated by large distance, one can check if the truck or machines is in which plant
2. User accelerometer to wakeup the board and send data immediately to Gateway. E.g. send data only when Truck or machine is in motion and send data over LoRa
3. Read Water Flow Pulses in water meter using PIN and send data over LoRa

Visit GitLab (https://gitlab.com/easyreach.iot.public/ER550) for sample programs and instruction on how to go about building your own LoRa based application