Are you an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

Technology keeps moving fast. Today’s technology may become obsolete tomorrow. There is always a dilemma about investing resources into technology enhancement over focus on core business. Over a period GSM / WiFi equipment are now moving towards LoRa / NBIoT. The overall change in communication ecosystem and pricing is impacting the earlier investments. Keeping up with the ever changing pace of technology is a challenging task. OEM dealing in manufacturing equipment face issue at various level

  1. Customers expectation to monitor equipment performance in real time
  2. Ability to see performance indicators on Cloud or integrated in their SAP / ERP systems
  3. Pitching the product against competitions enhanced version
  4. Ability to provide value add and differentiators in existing set of products
  5. Ever growing cost pressures

OEM Partnership with EasyReach

EasyReach is a leading provider of IoT solution. We keep abreast with ever changing technology and new trends in market. Our investments in R&D, eventually benefits our OEM partners to quickly enable their equipment with updated technology. Consultative approach enables us to work with OEM teams to device a solution that fits seamlessly into equipment. The cloud infrastructure by EasyReach is extended to OEM customers for monitoring the equipment performance. With EasyReach OEM gets advantages

  1. Quick time to market, with ability to enter competitive market with better offering
  2. Cutting edge IoT enabled equipment, with reduced investment
  3. Agility to keep pace with changing business environment