EasyPlug Monitoring Retail Assets

Be it a computer, Coffee machine, Printer, LCD screen, Refrigerator, Wending Machine, ATM, Server, Security Camera or any other electrical equipment inside your office premise, now you can IoT enable it and start monitoring from remote location. Simply attach EasyPlug ( a smart plug) to its 3 PIN power adapter and within minutes you can enable monitoring. You can monitor
  1. Switch ON / OFF Time – Utilisation and usage of your assets
  2. GPS Location – is the asset placed at intended location
  3. Save on energy bills – ensure assets are not powered ON when not required
  4. Acceleration of the assets and if somebody is mishandling it
  5. If your assets are disconnected or removed
  6. Tamper alerts on your assets
  7. Theft alarms
  8. Support 6 Amp and 16 Amp plug points

EasyPlug supports LoRa® and 2G Technologies

Industry Applications

FMCG – applying EasyPlug to monitor Retail Refrigerators

Large FMCG companies place their assets such as Refrigerators, Vizicoolers, lighted assets inside Retail outlet across the country. Monitoring them for utilisation and safety becomes important task for RoI calculations. EasyPlug drastically reduces the time to deployment and cost of monitoring.

Government – using EasyPlug to monitor compost machines and security cameras

Different departments in municipal corporations distribute various machinery in the city e.g. health department distributes x-ray machines, education department distributes computers, waste management department distributes compost machines,police department installs cameras etc. Monitoring utilisation of these machines become important to bring maximum impact on the city welfare and ensure safety and security. EasyPlug helps achieving these objectives.

NGO – using EasyPlug to monitor donated computers

Giving assurance to donors about their donations and bringing effectiveness in audit is an important aspect for NGO. The donation that was spent on purchase of computers for kids, water coolers for schools, medical equipment for needy need to be monitored. With EasyPlug installed on their assets NGO builds confidence with donors.

Corporates – using EasyPlug to monitor In-house assets

Many large companies have distributed development centres or offices across city. The nodel offices host variety of equipments such as coffee machines, refrigerators, large LCD Panels, Digital Signages etc. During Weekends, many of these assets are kept Switched ON, consuming electricity and adding to the electricity bills. Corporate uses, smart plug (EasyPlug), to monitor energy consumption at nodal offices and bring down bills.

smart plug

Insurance  – using EasyPlug to monitor Insured Assets

For large industries and for SMEs, Insurance companies insure assets. Based on the asset usage, life of equipment can be determined. More usage than prescribed limit will wear out the asset or no usage can also cause corrosion to asset. In both cases, insurance premium is bound to change. Also, if asset is being moved from one city to other city regularly, it will cause damage. All this monitoring, need to be done non intrusively and without damaging warranty of the equipment. Attaching, EasyPlug to assets, Insurance companies start monitoring the utilisation and location of the asset. Warranty of the asset is kept intact and deployment becomes 30 seconds job.

Central Monitoring Platform

The Webbased Central Monitoring platform allows administrators to monitor the entire asset base distributed across country remotely. Assets are categrized granularly, starting from state, city, territory to finally outlet. Reports such as asset utilisation, swithed off assets, best performing towns, worst performing terriotories become handy while taking business decision. On Map view of Alerts and asset distribution, gives a bird eye view of business in real time. SMS / Email based alerts allow ability to bring out information about non performing assets automatically.