easyreach solutions

We are the pioneers in providing ‘Internet of Things’ and Mobility solutions in India

  • We are a startup based out of Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and provide complete end to end IoT solutions encompassing sensor development, installation,
    user training and onsite offsite operations.
  • Our innovative technology-driven products for the retail industry enhance productivity, track assets, optimise the costs and improve ROI for brands
    as well as retailers.
  • We provide custom built sensors based on the client’s use case, be it monitoring the temperature, location, merchandising and passing the data to
    a central server for data mining and analysis.

We provide solutions in 3 major areas

Visibility solutions: Centralized Digital Signage across multiple screen sizes that can be controlled from a central location. It can be optimised by adding various sensors like cameras, proximity sensor to provide targeted information at the point of sale.

Asset Management solutions: We track any kind of asset, be it sales men or distributor work force or physical assets like refrigerators. We can also monitor environmental factors like temperature, weight, pressure to provide you relevant data related to the asset.

Customer engagement solutions: Besides digital signage, we also provide Wi-Fi solutions and Bluetooth Beacons and Sensors that allow you to target customers across multiple mediums.

We provide end-to-end services across technology, operations (includes installation, configuration) and support services (onsite and offsite) thus providing a seamless experience for our customers.


Our Clients