ONDC Platform

EasyReach ONDC platform is designed for brands to sell their inventory on the ONDC network

Streamlining E-Commerce with EasyReach ONDC

Analytics and Insights

Consumer Insights

Door-mounted cameras detect activity and stream data to the central IoT Box for instant inventory updates.

Product Tracking

Monitor product request frequencies to optimize inventory and meet market needs effectively.

Keyword Analysis

Leverage searched keyword analytics to refine marketing strategies and enhance online presence.

Demand Mapping

Access regional demand and sales data to make informed decisions on market penetration and distribution.

Seller App Integration

ISN Seller App Integration

Utilize our ISN role Seller App for efficient inventory management and seamless integration with the ONDC network.

Integrated Messaging System

Connect with customers via integrated messaging—WhatsApp, SMS, Calls—for holistic communication.

ONDC's Inclusive Commerce

Elaborate on ONDC’s aim to democratize digital commerce in India, offering equal opportunities for sellers of all sizes.

Connect Your Brand to the ONDC Network

Telecom Platforms

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