LoRa / WiFi / USB based Smart Power meter


Energy Metrics

Monitors and reports key parameters like current, voltage, and power factor


 Offers data transmission through LoRa, WiFi, or USB

Remote Power Automation

Enables remote switching of power supply to loads via LoRa


Ideal for industrial device monitoring, retail refrigeration management.

LoRa / WiFi / USB-based Smart Power Meter, an innovative tool for meticulous power management and energy monitoring across various applications.

This Smart Power Meter provides critical insights into energy consumption, enabling efficient power usage and aiding in carbon footprint management.

  1. Directly connect your load using a 3 PIN connector.
  2. Accurately measures Current, Voltage, Power Factor, Frequency, Power, and Energy.
  3. Seamlessly transmits data via LoRa, WiFi, or USB for versatile application.
  4. Receives LoRa commands to remotely switch the current supply on or off, offering superior control over power distribution.
  5. Optimize the power usage of industrial machinery for improved energy management.
  6. Keep track of refrigeration systems in retail settings to ensure energy-efficient operation.
  7. Calculate carbon points to support environmental initiatives and sustainability goals.


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It provides a variety of data points that provide valuable insights into your energy consumption. Such as, real-time power consumption, voltage & current level.

No, the smart power meter does not provide a remotely control supply but it can measure the consumption of power supply.

Smart power meters can be used in various applications.

Yes, the device is designed and manufactured in India.

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