Tracking of Moving Assets in Plant

24 Hour Operation

Continuous Tracking with
24-Hour Battery Life and
Acceleration Detection

Class A Connectivity

Provides bi-directional
communication and
seamless control

Diverse Application

Adaptable Across 50+
Vehicle Types for Diverse
Industrial Use

Fuel Monitoring

Precise Tracking to Optimize
Vehicle Fuel Expenses

EasyReach Solutions Introduces GPS-Based Tracking System for Efficient Truck Movement Management

Factories frequently face challenges with trucks lining up at entrance gates, affecting operational efficiency. Optimising truck movement becomes crucial to reduce traffic and enhance delivery timelines. A cost-effective solution is the implementation of a GPS-based tracking system. Trucks are equipped with a long-lasting battery-powered device upon entry, providing real-time GPS information until exit. This system offers live data on queue length, average wait times, congestion areas, and more.

  1. Utilized across 50+ industrial vehicle types
  2. Efficient monitoring of vehicle fuel expenses
  3. Detection of engine ON/OFF cycles and utilization measurement
  4. Applications include travel route optimization, distance calculation, and geo-fencing
  5. IP65-rated with surge protection, waterproof, and dustproof
  6. Internal battery with acceleration detection for 24-hour operational capability
  7. There is a need to monitor Utilization, fuel consumption, GPS location etc.
  8. Equipment usage is rugged and need industry grade tracker




Trailer 20 T

Diesel Dispenser


PnC Crane


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It can last from 6 to 24 hours, depending upon the power consumption.

It can track applications such as, Dumper, Tractor, Trailer 20T, Diesel dispenser, Ambulance, PnC Crane. It can also monitor utilization of fuel consumption, GPS location, engine on/off cycle.

It has IP65 ratings with surge protection, waterproof and dustproof.

This can help to gather information easily: Real-time location, fuel monitoring, engine cycle etc. 

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