LoRa based Helmet tracking


 Equips workers with precise GPS location capabilities for enhanced on-site safety.

Impact Alert

Detects heavy vibrations and sends immediate alerts.

Long-Range Communication

LoRa enabled for reliable, connectivity even in remote areas.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Features a durable battery for prolonged use and consistent tracking performance.

State-of-the-art LoRa-based Helmet designed for real-time people tracking, ensuring enhanced safety for workers in challenging environments such as mines.

This helmet is embedded with LoRa technology, GPS, and an enduring battery, making it a pivotal tool for workforce management and emergency response.

  1. Offers extensive range communication capabilities, ideal for subterranean environments.
  2. Equipped with precise location tracking to monitor workers’ movements within the mine.
  3. Provides long-lasting battery support to ensure continuous operation during shifts.
  4. Sensitive to heavy vibrations, the helmet can send instant alerts in case of accidents or equipment malfunctions.
  5. Facilitates the tracking of workers in real-time, significantly enhancing on-site safety protocols.


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LoRa based tracking is suitable for various workplaces where helmets are essential for safety and communication, such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, mining operations.

It provides Location Tracking and equips workers with precise GPS location capabilities, Impact alert system for immediate alerts.

Various things such as, helmet location, Impact alert system, battery status can be tracked.

It improves worker safety and enhances work monitoring.

Yes, the device is designed and manufactured in India.

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