Managed Telecom Incidents

In todays 24×7 connected world , it is imperative that there is no downtime in services and that SLA’s are strictly adhered to . This is especially true for telecom companies and other utility companies ( gas , electricity etc )  . Currently , these companies have a central NOC which co-ordinates with the onsite team in case of an equipment failure. However , quite a number of times, there is a delay in TAT (Turn around Time) resulting in a breach of SLA only because the onsite personel is not aware of the ticket. However, the lack of an automated escalation mechanism means that the enterprise is not aware that the ticket is not being handled causing a disproportionate problem.

EasyReach Incident Management Platform

EasyReach has successfully developed and implemented an incident management system for one of the top telecom companies in the world. This platform has been deployed in premise and has an inbuilt TTS that supports multiple languages and multiple outreach mechanisms ( SMS , calls , Telegram , WhatsApp ) . The system has multiple API for integration with ticketing platforms or alarm generation platforms thus enabling easy integration with mimimal effort. EasyReach incidence management system has a configurable escalation handling matrix that ensures that incidents of various types can be handled differently. The system also provides for an ad hoc outreach by which the NOC team can choose the message as well as the user number to reach out independently based on their requirements.

Notify your Incidents on Telegram

  • Keep in touch with your field force
  • Immediately inform them about the outages
  • Reduce down time and improve TAT
  • Create Circle based group of your field force engineers
  • Send pictures and possible resolutions
  • Get feedback from field
  • Appoint SME who can help solve on ground issues effectively

Direct Benefits

  • Ensures that there are no SLA outages
  • TAT (Turn around Time) has been reduced to 10%
  • Cost of support reduced by 35%
  • 100% automation of Incident Management

Platform Features

  • Scalable platform that supports 1,00,000 tickets and 20,00,000 Calls , SMS, VoIP Calls, Telegram Messages a day
  • Supports rule based retry, escalation and notification
  • Caters to enterprise needs of High availability, Security and Fail over
  • Low maintenance