UPS enabled PoE Adapter for WiMAX deployment in Telecom

A PoE injector, also called midspan or PoE adapter, can be implemented to make a non-PoE compatible switch work with PoE devices by powering compliant devices over a single Ethernet cable, which is perfect for low-power devices that need to be set up in locations where a power outlet is unavailable.
It is commonly used to connect a wireless access point, IP phone, network camera or any IEEE 802.3af/at-powered device (PD) to a network switch. Using a PoE injector avoids the need to run AC power lines for your wireless access point, network camera or IP phone because one can use the existing LAN cabling to deliver both DC power as well as data.

30V variant of UPS PoE works like Cambium N00900L001B with additional ability to provide power backup

Applications of UPS based PoE

TYPE 1 [af] 15.4W

  1. Static surveillance cameras
  2. VoIP Phones
  3. Sensors / Meters
  4. Wireless Access Points

TYPE 2 [at] 30.8W

  1. Biometric Sensors
  2. Tilt / Pan / Zoom Cameras
  3. 802.11ax Wireless
  4. LCD Displays
  5. Thin Client

TYPE 3 [ultra] 60W

  1. Video-Conference Equipment
  2. Smart Building Devices
  3. LED Lighting
  4. Kiosk POS

UPS PoE Benefits

  • Ease of installation: simply connect the PoE injector to the PoE endpoint and to an Ethernet switch to provide data and power.
  • Flexible to network expansion: PoE injectors add PoE capability to non-PoE Ethernet switches, which extends the network connection distance and provides combined power and data over Ethernet cable to end devices for a better connection.
  • Minimal investment budget: Utilizing the existing Ethernet equipment and cabling infrastructure, the relevant costs will be minimized in a PoE injector solution.

Supported Cambium Devices using EasyReach UPS PoE ERIoT-UPoE-12V / ERIoT-UPoE-30V / ERIoT-UPoE-48V

ePMP Force 425
PTP 550
PTP 670
Force 300

EasyReach UPS POE Injector

The POE Injectors available in the market today do not provide an inbuilt power backup. As a result , any power outage can result in downtime of the equipment connected to the POE Injector. This is a critical problem as most of the POE equipment like surveillance equipment, IP cameras need to be available on a 24×7 basis.

EasyReach UPS POE Injector solves this problem by providing an inbuilt power backup for upto 2 hours for the connected PoE Endpoint. The EasyReach UPS POE Injector also provides surge protection of upto 3KVa thus ensuring the stability of the equipment in case of power surges.

Compatible with

Cambium Radwin Maksat
Huawei Maiou HFCL


LoRaWAN Gateways

OEM LoRaWAN Gateway Name Power Requirement Supported
mokosmart  MKGW2-LW 12VDC/POE 48V
multitech MultiConnect® Conduit™ IP67 Base Station PoE Ethernet Input Power: 37 – 57 VDC. POE Standard: IEEE 802.3at,
provided by PSE injector with power rating of 25W or greater
dragino DLOS8 Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway Power by 12v DC or PoE
fourfaith LoRa Router Low-cost F8936-L PoE not available NA
robustel R3000 LG-OG Outdoor Gateway PoE IEEE 802.3af/at Class A/B, 36V-48V
nasys LoRaWAN® Outdoor Gateway Standard 802.3at Mode A PoE+
ursalink / milesight-iot UG67 Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateway PoE-PD
SSTPL ioLINK outdoor Gateway . ioLINKGTW-LRV1 PoE 56V DC (Optional)
womaster WR312GR-EC-LORAWAN PoE Not available NA
advantech WISE-6610-N500 PoE Not available NA
four-faith F8926-GW LoRaWAN Gateway PoE not available NA
F8L10GW LoRawan Base Station Gateways POE standard:IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at
tektelic KONA Micro IoT Gateway PoE not available
KONA Enterprise Gateway 802.3af PoE or Passive PoE at 37 to
57 VDC

Product Specifications

Easyreach UPS – PoE Device
Description Details
Model ER IoT – PoE 24V ER IoT – PoE 30V ER IoT – PoE 48V
Output Voltage Rating 24V PoE 30V PoE 48V PoE
Output Current Rating (Max) 1.0 Amp 0.7 Amp 0.5 Amp
Input Voltage Rating AC 100 – 300 V
Output Connector RJ45 X 2 (LAN IN, POE & Data Output)
Ethernet Transfer Rate 10/100 MBPS
Battery Type 18650 Li-Ion
Battery Cycle (Expected) 1000 Cycles
Battery Capacity 3 X 2000 mAh
Power Back up Time 2 Hours 2 Hours 30 Minutes 1 Hour
Indicators Battery, Mains, Charging
Dimensions (Proposed) 20 cms x 5 Cms x 4 cms (Approx.)
Approx. Weight 300 Grams
Enclosure Type Heat Resistant ABS
Surge Protection Upto 300 Voltage