Smart Switch Board

Power Cycle Control for multiple devices

Manages 3 powered peripheral devices.

Secured Power Management

Connects using physical wire ensuring high security inside ATM

Remote Operational Efficiency

Remote indication to Cloud Platforms

Seamless System Integration

Minimal code integration

In the dynamic landscape of ATM management, EasyReach Solutions introduces the Smart Switch / Smart Extension Board, a robust solution crafted to ensure seamless operation and reliability of ATMs and their peripherals, including printers, scanners, screens, and more.

Field devices often suffer from power inconsistencies leading to peripheral malfunctions. The Smart Switch / Smart Extension Board addresses this challenge head-on.

  1. Compatible with WiFi / COM port for flexible connectivity.
  2. Robust Power Electronics construction.
  3. Future-ready with potential LoRa adaptation.
  4. Cost efficiency by reducing the need for manual support.
  5. Reduces the need to visit sites thus controlling support cost


Our customers have been using product and are happy, as it solves a business pain point for them. The new customers may have some questions and we like to address them.

Yes, we do have one. Do connect with our sales team to get more information.

 Yes, do reach out to our sales team to get all product details.

Yes, we understand that in certain business condion you may want to use the product as a simple extention box. For that reason, we have provided 3 bypass switches. Each represents one socket.

In most cases, standard product works well. However, if you have a specific need, we can certainly consider your request.

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