Digital Signage India Market

Digital signage market in India is growing and with rapid pace. 6Wresearch projected that Digital Signage India market is expected to reach $524 million by 2019. (Ref 2) The reason for this expected growth could be due to multiple reasons. I have tried to put up some of the reasons why Indian Digital Signage market […]

Interesting reasons why people go for Digital Signages

Can the technology help? Since almost year or so, I have been going out to meet Retailer and Large companies to position our Digital Signage. With a success and failure on different occasions. From the experience so far, I have listed 5 important reasons why they went for Digital Signage. Hope you find it useful […]

How to engage customer at retail

Certainly yes… Technology does not depend on human emotions and behavior. It is consistent and delivers exact intended messages without error.
In this post we shall look at some of the ways customer can be informed and engaged at retail outlet and ultimately taken towards cash counter. Engaging every customer at a retail and taking him […]

Telecom Platforms

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