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Interesting reasons why people go for Digital Signages

Can the technology help?

Since almost year or so, I have been going out to meet Retailer and Large companies to position our Digital Signage. With a success and failure on different occasions. From the experience so far, I have listed 5 important reasons why they went for Digital Signage. Hope you find it useful too.

I want to save my cost

“I spend money on various marketing mediums such as print material, standee, promotional flyers etc. The money is spent every time the message is changed. These days cost of Digital Signage Hardware has gone down. With Digital Signage I save lot of recurring cost of printing, man power hiring and so on.” A typical reason that comes from a business mater of large enterprises.

I want to build my brand

“Traditional medium is old fashioned. i want to do something new. McKinsey study states that Videos are used for Brand building. I would place my brand on every shop where most of my customers are coming.” This is by my marketing manager friend.

Differentiate from competition

“Either I will be at par with my competition or I will be ahead of them”, says my hard core sells head friend. He wants to do what his competition is not doing. He wants to push offers on the retail shop and drive the sell.

Reduced perceived wait time

“Oh… Lot of people queuing in my dispensary. They are troubled and I don’t want to increase their trouble by making them wait further. May be I can show them useful information or a cartoon video clip and children’s are kept occupied”, says my dentist friend.

Increase aesthetics of the shop

“Hey! This looks neat man… my shop will look more attractive with gadgets in it. By the way, does it cost too much? I hope not :)”, says my friend who owns a single Cake Shop

Amol Vedak

Co-founder, EasyReach

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