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How to engage customer at retail

Certainly yes… Technology does not depend on human emotions and behavior. It is consistent and delivers exact intended messages without error.
In this post we shall look at some of the ways customer can be informed and engaged at retail outlet and ultimately taken towards cash counter.

Engaging every customer at a retail and taking him towards purchase must be every retailers dream. No wonder, so much content has been written around this topic. Most of the content looks at human to human interaction such as how attendant at retail store interacts with potential customer and tries to engage him / her at store. The retail is changing, customers are becoming more self reliant, they want self checkout machine, they are keen to read banners and posters and make their own decisions. They do take help of attendants too. But think of situation where ill equipped attendant starts engaging with customer…

Can the technology help?

Bluetooth proximity based beckons

Bluetooth beacon is a technology that works elegantly inside store. Consumer installs retailers / providers app and keeps bluetooth ON to experience the magic. As she approaches near every beacon she gets notification about products and offers running enticing her to pick one.
These days there are many companies who offer this solution Check http://bluetoothbeacons.com/ http://estimote.com/retail/ http://www.beaconstac.com/retail pixie Qualcomm are some of the shelf products.

In store, Digital Signages

Get a good signage in the shop, show engaging content, inform customers about your products, new offerings, and many more things. Generally, video always attracts customers and they tend to view whats running on it. Make sure that the content is good and it does not keep repeating or the repeat interval is high enough that it does not become monotonic. Again, many companies can help you out in this area http://scala.com http://easyreach.co.in http://dsign.co.uk

In store digital tablets

These days, I see this being used at many places. Small 10″ tablet is placed at even a smallest retail shops. Retailer uploads inventory picture on the tablet and keep it running. Although, its a bare minimum approach, it works. Few companies have evolved version of this with many more features. Check EasyTab

Digital Product Brochures / digital menu card

Have you come across a digital menu card in any of the restaurants? The digital menu card is equipped with all product information – high definition attractive pictures of product, reading material, prices, specialty of the place, history of the place, social sharing buttons etc. Consumer, before ordering goes through a sleek brochure and places the order. Even after placing order the consumer keeps engaging with the product.

In store WiFi

Many retailers have started providing this facility in the store. Especially if you have a certain amount of waiting period in the shop e.g. serving food, preparing take away, etc. Consumers get engaged with the medium, which reduces the waiting time anxiety. Certainly, it costs retailer a bit. In recent times there are few companies who have come up that provide in store local WiFi technology. It creates a local WiFi zone, just like how it gets created when you connect to your router’s wifi but your internet is not ON. Now imagine, if your router has a stored content and it starts serving that content.

In store magic mirror

Magic mirror is a great way to engage consumer. What can bring more attention to a human being than showing his/her own face in a mirror? Retailer keep these mirrors in store, where a walking consumer can easily see his own reflection? No wonder, the consumer engages with it at least once. This mirror is a digital though. It not only shows the reflection of the consumer but it also show a nice and attractive brand images at the backlit of the mirror.

Amol Vedak

Co-founder, EasyReach

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